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Appliance Removal

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Rancho Cucamonga appliance removal often seem to breed when you’re not looking. Fridges, freezers, spin dryers, water heaters, washing machines, air conditioners - they’re all around us and usually, we don’t pay much attention until they fail and need replacement. At which point you realise how big many of them are, how heavy they can be (your washing machine probably has an inbuilt heart of concrete to keep it stable during spin cycles) and how hard it is to lift them up never mind navigate halls and stairways. This is why so many people call on us to come and haul their old domestic appliances.

Quotes and Costs

How much it costs to haul your appliances depends not only on just how many appliances and what types they are but also on some logistical issues that affect the time it will take to do the job. Are they fixed in place for example? In which case we can do it but we have to allow for the dismantling of the appliance’s mounting which is always done with care not to do any damage to surrounding fixtures and fittings. Are the appliances in a basement or at the top of an apartment building? We have to check the access and take into account the extra manpower that may be required for hauling heavy appliances longer distances.


They may have sat quietly in their corners doing their job for decades but it is surprising how many common household appliances contain dangerous substances. We adhere rigidly to the EPA guidelines on the disposal of hazardous materials and that includes ozone depleting gasses and liquids. Older fridges and freezers often use chlorofluorocarbon (CFC) refrigerant while old air con units use hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs) both of which are dangerous to the ozone and so care has to be taken when removing and disposing of them. Older switch units may contain mercury and other potentially toxic substances so for appliances over a certain age we ensure they go to the correct facility for safe disposal.


As well as it being a moral duty these days, recycling is also very much a service that our customers ask for. Appliance removal services often deal with large amounts of reusable materials, particularly metals that can and should be taken to recycling facilities for disposal. We know where to go and will ensure that there is as little waste as possible.


Recycling is great but the most energy efficient way of dealing with older appliances is often reuse. There are a number of charities that will be delighted to redistribute old appliances and have repair services that will put them back into working order to do so. Most of these charities can’t afford their own pick up services or manpower so they rely on junk haulers like us to deliver. If you want the satisfaction of knowing that your old appliances are having a new life serving the needs of the needy then tell us and we will be happy to make it happen.

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