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Hoarding Cleanup

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Inherited a hoarder’s house or clearing the estate of a hoarder? Hoarding Cleanup is a more complex clean up operation than the usual junk haul because there are a number of things to take into account.  The reasons why people hoard are many and varied and can include everything from a psychological quirk that prompts behaviour or a mental illness that leads to a reluctance to let things go. There is also the less common but still encountered issue that what one person calls hoarding, another calls collecting and so it’s worth taking a close look at what is being hoarded.

Health and Safety

With hoarders normal common sense may have gone out the window and with that it’s not unusual for hoarding homes to have hygiene issues including vermin, mould, and other nasties that frankly nobody wants to deal with. For us it’s a full time job so we will arrive with gloves, facemasks and full bio-hazard suits if the situation demands them. Let us get in there and clear it out so you don’t have to shudder at it any more.

Buried Treasure

If you’re clearing out a hoard then the chances are that you are not the person who built it up and what makes hoards different from junk piles put out by their owners is that deep in all that mess may well also be truly valuable items that shouldn’t be hauled. We don’t mean gold (although long forgotten jewellery does turn up) at least not in the literal sense but there is sometimes pure gold in the life sense. Bundles of letters, old faded photographs, certificates, or military medals are all things we have turned up when sifting through hoarding cleanups for our customers. Which is why you get the pros in to do this. Hoarding demands more than junk haulage, it also takes a bit of care, thoroughness, and an eye for the potentially important diamonds in the dust. We bring all of that to the job.

You Say Hoarder, I Say Collector

One of the other issues with hoards is that they are rarely one hundred percent random. So yes the person who literally never threw out a cereal package is a touch odd by any standards but in the process they may have included oddities that now have value for collectors. Some seemingly random hoards are actually true collections of things that the new property owners don’t recognise.  So we can help you sift through and check that what was being hoarded is indeed junk before we get rid of it for you.

Hoarding Cleanup Parade

Often you don’t even want to go into the home of a hoarder. So don’t. We’ll go through all the debris and belongings and sort them for you, outside if possible, so you can give a go ahead for what is to be junked and what might have some importance.  We plough through all those piles of who knows what so that you don’t have to. Call us today and we can magic that hoard away.

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